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Create a culture of welcome and discipleship

Are you interested in establishing or reinvigorating a ministry for young people but unsure of where to begin? 

Perhaps you currently oversee a ministry that feels stagnant or undersized, or you are seeking to enhance your catechetical programs to foster deeper connections. It’s possible you are facing challenges such as a shortage of volunteers or limited access to quality resources.

Invitational Youth Ministry offers a tailored process designed to assist churches in initiating or revitalizing their efforts to engage and retain young people within the Church.  


This programme is crafted specifically for churches without paid youth workers, offering targeted support to empower volunteer leaders in creating vibrant and impactful youth ministries.

How does it work?

My Consultancy and Coaching service is customizable to meet your specific needs, whether

you are launching a new ministry or seeking to infuse fresh energy into your existing one.


The foundational package comprises three key stages:

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The Connect phase is in two parts.  Firstly there is up to 90 minutes of Zoom time with key parish leaders, to craft a customised program tailored to your parish's unique Vision, Context, and Personnel considerations.  Secondly I will host a further meeting to discuss and develop recruitment strategies.



The second phase takes the form of a day Conference, split into two parts.  The first part is just for the key leaders and will cover vision and long term planning. The second is for all volunteers, and will cover Resources, Session planning, Relational Youth Work and much more.  Additional conference sessions and days can be added throughout the year for a modest fee.

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The final stage involves ongoing support through monthly coaching sessions conducted online
with your designated Youth Ministry Leaders. These sessions provide a forum to celebrate
successes, tackle challenges, and maintain alignment with the vision established during the
Consult phase. A second in-person visit can be arranged six months after the initial consultation to assess progress and provide further guidance.

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How much?

The basic package costs £5000 per year, payable in instalments.  For more information, get in touch via the contact page.  Or, click below and book a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Further training on specific areas of youth ministry can also be added to the package, please ask for more details.

Man of Faith

"We need projects that can strengthen [young people], accompany them and impel them to encounter others, to engage in generous service, in mission."

Christus Vivit



I am passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces for young people to encounter Jesus, and enabling volunteers to do the same – and I love to see people find their place in the kingdom of God.


I get fired up by all the ways our churches can be the home-base for those encounters. I delight in seeing lives transformed by the Holy Spirit, and people equipped and empowered to be the hands and feet of Jesus, in their spheres of influence - and when the younger generations lead the charge, infusing the rest of us with their energy and passion - that makes my heart swell with hope.


25 years of working for churches; schools; retreat centres; lay movements; universities and many other places - experiencing the most (and let's be honest, some of the least) effective ways to create cultures of welcome and discipleship - through the training volunteers and teams; and the privilege of raising up young leaders who long to follow Jesus, and live for His kingdom - it's fair to say, that I know this world of church and youth ministry.


​Because whether you are a veteran youth leader, or anxious about talking to teenagers - I can help you get clear on your vision, and get those roots down deep and strong, to develop and grow a ministry that is bold and creative.


You want your church to draw young people into the heart of God's love - and then disciple them to become leaders and disciplers in turn, confident in their identity in Christ.  I love to work with those hungry to learn how to connect and meet with young people where they are, and invite them to walk their life out in relationship with Jesus.


It always takes more time than we think, and often challenges us to make a paradigm shift in our approach, but the rewards are precious.


So if you are up for the adventure, I'd love to walk you through that first year.

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"I’m thankful to God that this ministry exists not for the sake of the ministry, but because of who Pete is. In him, you find a man who is passionate about sharing the faith, conscientious, thoughtful, and has an immense wealth of experience. If you desire to see fruitfulness in your youth ministry, Pete is the man you want journeying with you. He has a heart for renewal, and his love for the Lord and His church is infectious."

Jordan Kelly

Divine Renovation UK

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